Why the name ‘Delonix Designs’ and a bit about me.

Quite simply, I love the latin name for the royal poinciana tree and the tree itself so much, I wanted to name the business after it. It is a beautifully shaped tree that grows in much warmer climates then the one of the British Isles.

As for me, the gardening services I offer are backed by the Royal Horticultural Society’s qualifications in horticulture, NDA (Nottingham Design Academy) qualifications in garden design and a Silver Merit Award for the flower border I designed and created at the Gardeners World Live 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham.

You can see some of the projects I have worked on so far in the blog on this web site, it’s good to see the “before and after” phases so you know what can be achieved when working together. This is just s small hand full of examples.

Most of all though, I can’t possibly put into words how much I love working with plants, educating about gardens and creating beautiful areas for my clients that they can enjoy using.

Life is good when you’re in the garden!