Designs and Projects

This is a complete garden design of a back garden including four main herbaceous borders. A robust plan was created after a full site survey and we will hopefully be developing it the 2021 season.

A naturalistic garden.

This garden has been created entirely from scratch after some groundworks including adding a large draining ditch to help alleviate the excessive winter wet. I vividly recall all the mud that was there before! The large rockery in the middle is the centre piece, with a rose garden to the left, a gravelled seating area at the top to overlook the planting, and a rustic stone path leading to the front of the house with shrubbery and more formal grass planting to soften the hard landscaping.

Some repetition is visible here with the amazing Erigeron karvinskianus, Ajuga reptans and various types of Thyme. Other strong plants include Fuchsia magellanica, a few different varieties of the trusty Hebe and Festuca grass. The roses we chose were the robust Queen Elizabeth. A couple of tall, fastigiate, evergreen conifers will add height to the scheme in the future.

Rockery – ideal for windy places.

This is a two year old rockery, planted up with a selection of strong colours and clump forming herbs. There are still more plants to bloom a little further into the season bringing more colour and new interest for the rest of the year.

Small space, low maintenance garden.

Karen's patio design 1 copy1

Here the aim of the design was to provide the client with a sitting space, some privacy and a small amount of planting for easy care. We have managed to include two types of sitting, one including space for dining and the other, the bench, just for sitting or even lying down. The planting is minimal with a climber, some evergreen perennials and two ornamental bay trees which add some height. They break up the hard landscaping by being planted in “pockets” in the paving. There is also a strip of grass to soften the feel.

New lawn wanted!


Please click on the link below to see this project from 2017.

New lawn.