Rose any one?

I have resisted trying to grow roses for years. But the temptation was stronger then my will and I got a bare rooted Dame De Coeur last year.

I am so glad that I did. When I look at the pictures I took only a few weeks ago, of what I picked, I can’t believe it! No wonder the rose has been voted the favourite flower of the nation this year! I love so so many plants but what these roses did to my breakfast table was a shear delight! Here, have a look yourself!


I tried three different spots in the garden for it and three times I moved it as I needed the space for something else. I thought it will never do anything at all after such treatment! In the end it ended up in a black plastic bucket, destitute to die really. It didn’t. Instead I got the blooms and lots of them.

So don’t give up on your plants too easily peeps. I won’t from now on. There’s too much to loose!


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