The patience of a gardener.

The patience of a gardener.

Creating shelter.

I often come up with ideas of what I could write about. Normally it would be something that has “occurred” to me and I find it so fascinating that I straight away need to share it with folk. I then take some photos to go with the subject and usually, squeeze myself into one or two of them (I’ve got no shame!).

Today the story is different. It is the low evening light that beckons me to go get my camera out at first. But then as I wonder through the garden, feeling proud of these beautiful hedges, the subject of the blog materialises itself to me. It is Mike who created them and it is him that I feel proud off.

A few years ago, when we moved to Skye, we had no hedges. Well, we had a line of less then a knee high escallonias and a line of tiny pines on the Western side of the house. No more than that. We were not able to plant anything in the garden and anything we did try to grow, died a very quick death from the wind exposure. Very frustrating of course.


We quickly learnt that shelter is what we need first and foremost but of course the growth rate in a windy place like Skye is a lot slower. Mike devised a great system of having a double barrier of defence and now, five years on, all sides of the house have some sort of protection and we were able to start planting other things in the lawn last year. Now it feels like it has gone so fast and we are already here, with Scots pines that are taller then us!

Mike’s put so much work into these “defences” and it’s not like he can just leave them be now. It is a constant task to keep all the plants healthy and happy, performing their best.

So, this time, he is the “star” of my blog and I think the hedges make a wonderful background to this photo session which, as you can see, wasn’t fun only for me.


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