Best type of plants for your garden.


Personal plant shopping.

There are so many things to consider when buying plants for the garden and it can be a rather overwhelming experience when we are faced with such a big choice. My main advice is: “Try not to buy it, if you don’t have a spot for it that is suitable and ready and the plant cannot stay in it’s current pot for much longer!” Otherwise it can end in the plant’s demise and your money just goes down the drain. Plus, I just always want what’s best for the plant, so it can live it’s life how it should.

Me and my wonderful client Margaret spent a lovely morning at the local garden centre last week and picked out some beauties to continue the planting scheme we are currently working on. It was combining work with pleasure and the lovely light of the morning sun against the dark skies, has made it all the better. Thank you Margaret x

Acer dissectum “Garnet” is a difficult plant to just “walk past”.

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